Friday, 24 July 2015


So yeah, I made a blog.

This is a place for me to post my own works of cruddy fiction whenever I please, most of which will be short horror stories or whatever strikes my fancy.

Critiques are welcome, though I'd rather anyone NOT take any of my works and start hosting it elsewhere where they please, if you wanna post any of my crap then all you have to do is ask.  But if I don't reply then please don't think that's permission to do so either.

I've even been hearing some disturbing things about Youtubers or Story Narrators taking works without permission and doing readings of them, even going so far as to change the original material. 
So yeah, not cool.

Other than that, I hope you enjoy, if not, then sorry for wasting your time.

I think the first one I'll be writing will be my own take on a Skinwalker tale, so for those interested, stay tuned.  I hope to have that one done sometime before Halloween.

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